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Images related to the renowned RE/MAX Ballooning Team
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RE/MAX Balloon reflection<- Clicker for Larger Image ->Balloon in collage sky
RE/MAX Hot Air Ballon - Terms<- Clicker for Larger Image ->RE/MAX Hot Air Ballon Basket - Terms
Chase Truck<- Clicker for Larger Image ->Ballon Basket with Small Package
<- Clicker for Larger Image ->Balloon House - Side Dog

Ballooning: General Facts

Q. Is the RE/MAX Balloon a Gas Balloon or a Hot Air Balloon?

A. The standard RE/MAX balloon that you see in the above images is a hot air balloon.

Q. What is the difference between a Gas Balloon and a Hot Air Balloon?

A. A Gas Balloon is smaller than an average hot air balloon and is filled with helium. A hot air balloon uses propane fuel to heat the air which generates lift.

Helium (or gas) balloons can typically fly for longer periods of time than a standard hot air balloon.

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